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Virtual Event Studio

Take Your Online Events Beyond Video Conferencing

Don’t let your virtual event get lost in the endless row of online streams. Our Virtual Event Studio lets you create immersive, engaging and impressive live experiences with the feel of an offline event. Go beyond talking to a webcam and organise happenings your audience will remember as a highlight of the social distancing era.

Are you ready to see the possibilities instead of the challenges when organising events online? We assist with complete end-to-end planned and executed live shows, corporate presentations, product launches, keynotes, summits, talks, webinars, conferences and everything in between. — Just because your events move online, doesn’t mean you cannot bring your audience, employees, dealers, suppliers or customers memorable experiences.

How we elevate your virtual events

Not all virtual events are created equal and we help your’s stand out with groundbreaking visuals, immaculate audio and cutting-edge multimedia technology. Our studio is fully equipped with all necessary equipment to create wholly immersive experiences. Together, we will transport your online audience to any place you can dream up. Our team will meet you where you are and tailor custom solutions bringing your ideas to life. We use the world’s most advanced LED screen, green screen and LED floor technology to help you tell unforgettable stories.

Engage audiences with interactive two-way communication

To create the feeling of being at a live event “in person,” we have moved beyond streaming one-way communication to pacified audiences. By creating a natural looking environment and multiple layers of augmented reality, we can recreate the feeling of having your audience in the studio. Our solution integrates participation, communication and marketing tools into your virtual show, creating a never before seen level of interaction during live online events.

Tell stories like international TV stations

We have delivered equipment and services for and International Music Stars and TV shows, incl.; Eurovision, Music Idol, Dancing Stars, Enrique Iglesias, David Guetta, Armin Van Buuren etc.
Now we can help your organisation plan, create and pull off virtual events with the same professional execution and impressive visual experience.

Let us make your virtual event one your customers, fans, or team remembers with immersive, visual experiences and unparalleled audience involvement: