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Show production

Vision, preparation, goal

Although initially only a laser manufacturer, we think about our business differently. We don’t consider ourselves to be in the laser equipment business but rather the entertainment business.

This means we go above and beyond just laser shows to create everything from custom laser displays and laser mapping through to 3D video and holographic projections, right up to fireworks and water shows. You name it, we can do it.

During the past 25 years, we have been presented with many opportunities, embracing these exciting challenges and experiences. Being part of teams in entertainment shows of all shapes and sizes for a range of brands has exposed us to many different approaches. This has helped create who we are today – Award-winning show production team.

The Show production department of KVANT group has years of experience preparing and programming shows for events of every kind. Our success is based on top-quality equipment in the right hands.

Our team of selected professionals bridge the gap between technical expertise and visual art. Their dedication to excel in this field means that always put 101% of their effort into the job, making the best show possible.

We design, program and perform laser and multimedia shows all the way from the drawing board to the audience’s applause. Whether you have a perfect idea, an incomplete vision, or you don’t even know where to start. Kvant Show Production will grasp a project at any phase and prepare a show to create emotions that stay with the audience long after the show has finished.

We specialise in combining a wide variety of multimedia elements into one cohesive show timeline. This way, the crowd is drawn into and dazzled by the visuals. Of course, the message and emotion are still passed on to the audience.

Naturally, each occasion demands different technology and equipment. That is why our division stocks a wide selection of options and knows how to get maximum performance from it all.

Our warehouse is packed with top of the line KVANT green and full-colour RGB lasers up to 33 Watts. Also, we dispose of the best video projectors on the market, which we can utilise most professionally thanks to our specialised video production department.
Besides these, we also offer spotlights, fog screen technology and kinetic motors with various lighting objects such as balls or tubes. These can be arranged into different shapes according to the wishes of the customer. Then we also provide water screens, Sparkular cold fountains, Holofans, Hologlass and original Hologram technology.

Life is a show