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Go Big With Your Next Event

How would you like to present a show combining the best of live performances and pre-produced media? At Kvant we will not only rent you the stage equipment and LED screens that make it possible: Our in-house production teams will work with you on executing your ideas flawlessly. — Is it time to add a 5th dimension to your next show that will stun your audience with layers of visual experiences?

Live shows have always ruled supreme when it comes concerts, theatre, sports and even political events. The excitement of the crowd, being part of something bigger, and the engagement of all senses ensures that it will stay that way…

But… Audiences have gotten used to the fast-paced action and perfect production of film and TV shows. Live entertainment needs to improve too to keep up and stay relevant in the fast changing entertainment industry. So what can you as an event organizer, entertainment venue or corporation do to make sure your audience stays laser focused on where they are?

Integrating on-stage screens or full 360 visual experiences can help you transform your shows into fully immersive experiences with unanticipated visual dimensions. Blending pre-produced media with your live shows, not only allows you to pic and choose the best of both worlds, it also opens up new opportunities. Suddenly you can diverge the audience’s attention while completing set or wardrobe changes, and avoid any stand-stills during the show.

“Let the real and virtual collide in perfectly choreographed visual experiences. Make your audience active participants in the show by breaking down the conventional barriers between spectators and performers. Build immersive universes for the audience to explore, and let them be mesmerized by an adventure like they have never experienced before.”

Why rent LED equipment for your show?

When producing one-off events, tours, or other time-limited shows, renting is often the most time and cost effective solution to “wauw” your audience with the leading technology.

Imagine if you find a partner who offer full service LED equipment rental, meaning we work directly with you from planning, to production and execution. That way you do not have to train your own team to handle advanced new equipment — our production team takes care of it for you.

The whole process is easy:


Make an appointment with our team and explain your ideas. We guide you through choosing the right screens and equipment to bring your plans to life. We customize your technical solution with you, and you can be as involved as you want.


Our specialized technicians will then examine your event venue, to analyze the technical possibilities. This is where we prevent any possible technical or security failures during the show. — Better safe than sorry!


On the day of the installation, everything will be prepared and ready when we arrive, to ensure smooth and effective set up. Our seasoned installation team takes care of all technical setup, and tests continuously that everything is performing as it should.


During the show, our technicians will be monitoring the situation nonstop to catch any challenges before they occur. Our production team will remain hands-on to ensure flawless execution as the show progresses.


After the event we are very flexible with the screen removal. Our focus stays on safety and minimizing your costs.

Out of +1000 events, we executed +99% without a single technical complication.