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The battle for audiences’, consumers’ and visitors’ attention has never been more competitive. We equip malls, hotels, gyms, airports, supermarkets, casinos and entertainment venues with interactive LED screens that pull attention back from the smartphones. Let’s bring people together in exciting interactive environments.

Catching people’s attention is hard. Holding on to it is even harder. Few organizations have the staff to keep their clients, customers, visitors or guests entertained at all times. Interactive screens open up for a cost-effective and scalable alternative. A solution that will help you reach more people faster, and keep their attention on the story you want to tell.

“Imagine what you could do with the resources and staff you free up on, when you leverage interactive screens to tell your story?”

At Kvant, We help you built the next generation of public spaces, with immersive experiences powered by interactive technologies. Where some see a blank wall, we will help you see opportunities to wow your audience with visual experiences they will not forget anytime soon. Together with our clients, we constantly experiment with new ways to realize their ideas and bring their spaces to life.

Every space has a story to tell…

An empty wall is a blank canvas, ready to be transformed. The question is; transformed into what?

Different occasions demand different things from the surroundings. Different audiences expect different experiences. And different events requires specific decorations… The more adaptive your space is, the longer it will hold people’s attention.

As LED screen, video, and AV Specialists, we create innovative display and multimedia entertainment solutions to help you tell your story. It all starts with your ideas. Whatever you want to achieve, our team has almost two decades of experience making groundbreaking projects come true. From creating experiences that adapt to changes in the environment or audience participation, to giving you full remote control over instant changes, we will build a custom solution just for you. We even integrate security and light sensors that automatically adjust screen brightness to changing daylight conditions.

We believe you need LED screen solutions designed for and with you

Our consultants will work directly with you to select the ideal technology, maximize the utility of the equipment we install, and integrate it into any existing multimedia systems you already have in place.

“Let’s bring public spaces, retail destinations and performance venues to life with smarter LED solutions”

Regardless of your in-house expertise, our experienced team will assist you throughout your project, from design phase to installation and beyond. We deliver all load-bearing structures, and will not leave your premise before you have a turnkey screen and software solution, and are guaranteed flawless performance.

“You will even have access to full 24 hour technical support and post-warranty service hot line.”

As an Europe-based company, we can offer (you can expect) quick delivery and installation of a vast selection of in-stock LED screens. In case you purchase specialized equipment that is not currently in stock, we will provide you a loan screen from our rental division until your purchase is ready to be installed.

Since 2003 we have been selling, installing and consulting global brands about LED screens. We were among the first on the market to adopt LED technology for entertainment uses. So we have more experience advising our clients on finding the perfect solution for them, than any other provider.