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Rental Equipment

Sometimes it makes more sense just to rent the laser equipment rather than to buy.
For such cases, we have an extensive supply of quality laser equipment ready for rental and dedicated support staff to assist you.

Do you use DMX or another protocol? Do you have the operating experience, or are you a technician creating your own show? Are you working on a show which is missing the right effect or technology? Kvant Show Production is here for you too! We are happy to rent you almost any equipment from our vast arsenal, together with all necessary accessories.

We offer the latest KVANT full-colour RGB and Green lasers with the power of 2-33 Watts, fog screens, video projectors from BARCO, M-Vision and Panasonic with a luminosity of 5000-40,000 ANSI, kinetic motors, outdoor lights, PR lightning beams + wash rated at IP66, Prolight spotlights and special effects. All necessary licenses, accessories and cabling or control units will, of course, be included.

Our service technicians keep all our equipment in 100% top condition. Every piece of equipment is tested before shipment so that it is ready to deliver maximum performance. Our agreements with delivery companies help to save on your shipping costs. Top-quality professional laser, lighting and SFX technology has never been so close to hand. Just make your choice of equipment and wait for the courier to bring it to you, or pick it up yourself at our address. If you are interested, we also offer individual training courses of different lengths in the programming and operation of laser devices.